Phuc Hung Impression helps you experience Thai massage in a special way

Thai massage

Well known for types of massages, each visitor coming to the homeland of golden pagodas always seeks spa for experience. Thai massage. Thai massage is considered as a special massage therapy. It is no longer a job for a living. It now becomes a traditional occupation of Thailand and national pride. Let’s discover this type of massage. 

Benefits of Thai Massage


Special Thai massage therapy

With long-standing existence, being combined with yoga, ayurvedic medication and acupuncture points according to Traditional Chinese Medicine from generations to generations make Thai Massage become a traditional massage therapy of this country. Special benefits make Thai Massage become more famous such as applying into treatment of long lasting pain of joints, muscles, nerves. Thai Massage helps reduce blood pressure with people suffering hypertension, increase energy for the body, reduce stress and make the sleep deeper.

Thai Massage procedure

The massage order is from left foot, right foot, left arm, right arm, back, neck, face and head, each part is done in 45 minutes. Many people may feel painful because the force of massage is pretty strong. But the feeling of relaxation and full of energy is undeniable. Many people are addicted to this therapy and choose this as a present for themselves when they are tired or for those horribly stressful days because of work. Thai Massage will turn you back to the balance like the original state. Let’s try one time for enjoyment.


Thai Massage brings the feeling of comfort and full of energy

Where is the good place for Thai Massage?

Learn from the way Thai People do, many spas apply successfully this Thai Massage Therapy for customers in Vietnam. You do not need to come to Thailand for experience. Right in your own country, you can enjoy this special therapy.

For Phuc Hung Massage, the well-trained staff with rich experience combing with herb perfume makes you enjoy in the best way the atmosphere of Thai Massage. You do not need to worry because we have full modern facilities along with simple working procedures and take care of you in the best way so that you can relax in Phuc Hung Massage. Do not hesitate and come to us when you need to find the comfort and relaxation.

The special things from Thai Massage have brought unexpected outcome and conquered people in the best way. If you have never known about Thai Massage, will you want to experience one time?

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