Scoliosis treatment at Phuc Hung Massage.

What is the harm when you are exercising or playing in the wrong position?

What is the principle of physical activity?

Movement principle:

Actions are controlled and operated by the central nervous system, such as a command post which controls each part of the body operating before or after for an action for a certain purpose.

For example:

Mouth feeling thirsty and alerting the central nervous system.

Then the central nervous system controls the eye to find out where the water is located? Report image to the central nervous system.

Central nervous system will send information to tell the legs walk to the area you want to get water (if the water is far from the area you want to get)

Subsequent action: reach out for water from the bottle and pour it into a glass and then take it to your mouth.

The above actions are called true motor principles.

What is wrong movement principle:

Wrong action:

Quick response, surprise, without any preparation.

There is absolutely no preparation or these actions have not been governed by the central nervous system, the action takes place on a natural reflex.

For example:

Carrying loads that are too heavy for your body to carry and suddenly there is no prior training.

Quick response but without preparation such as: seeing a phone or something suddenly fall to the ground, the person who sees the falling object should react quickly, rushing forward or leaning over to “catch” the falling object so that action will injure the back muscles, even worse can damage the disc and spine.

The image above describes the action of carrying something too heavy and without prior practice.


Harms of scoliosis (as shown above):

Observe carefully to find:

  • A person using a lumbar fixation on the spine for a very long time will make a mark on the skin of the waist.
  • The waist of the spine curvature leads to the unbalanced sides, the left waist moves to the right.
  • Curved vertebra causes the bottom of the buttocks to shrink.
  • The atrophic and retracted legs are uneven, one is short and the other is long.


  • Adjust the back vertebrae to remove the compression on the buttocks and lower extremities
  • Soften the muscles to adjust the spine.
  • After adjustment, have to use a fixed belt to support the spine in daily activities.
  • Do not carry heavy loads and do not exercise excessively.
  • The person should not arbitrarily break or strain the back muscle.

Effective when patients find the right treatment place.

Pictures after 4 treatments:

Scoliosis treatment at Phuc Hung Massage.

Combine rest and treatment:

  • Do not carry heavy objects, do not exercise, do not respond too quickly causing damage to the back and neck.
  • Do not lie on the mattress with deep settlement, the spring mattress is not good for the spine
  • Now the person is no longer using a cervical fixation.

After adjusting the back vertebrae:

  • Continue to massage with acupressure to help the spine to recover faster.
  • Buttock + lower limb muscles recovered and gait gradually improved.
  • Now the patient can play football and exercise normally.
  • Use massage weekly or every 10 days with acupressure for recovery.

Patients should note that:


Do not allow anyone to use the back or stretch muscles.

Do not step on the back or the neck, because there are some massage places that use foot to step on the client is very dangerous for the customer.

May cause back muscle damage, damage to the disc and spine of the neck, and treading can cause neck fractures and paralysis.

A few words to our customers who have, are and will use services at Phuc Hung Massage:

Phuc Hung Massage hopes that after reading these lines, you can see more clearly about the issue of pure massage and other skillful massage.

Proper massage not only help your body relax, prevents, heals and treats musculoskeletal diseases, but also prevents sciatica, intervertebral disc herniation (herniated disc), and chemotherapy for cervical and lumbar vertebrae, varicose veins, etc. These diseases will initially manifest as: headache, insomnia, dizziness, numbness in the limbs, numbness in the buttocks, etc.

After the above information, Phuc Hung Massage hopes to contribute a little more knowledge about current diseases, you should read and understand to become a smart consumer to choose appropriate services and choose where prestigious providers, understand the acupressure massage industry to not only protect your health but also for your relatives and friends, to avoid the situation of “lose money, acquire diseases”. We wish you happiness, and success.


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