5 miracles from Acupressure massage that many people have not known

Acupressure massage

From distant past to present day, acupressure massage is a traditional therapy that has been saved and promoted for treatment of muscle diseases, made the body healthy, the mind satisfactory, elated, brought a lot of energy to complete the work.

What is acupressure massage?

bam-huyet-1Acupressure massage is using movements of hands on acupuncture points

Acupressure massage is a long-standing therapy. This therapy uses the combination of hand’s movements like squeeze, press acupuncture points, give a massage, etc. It can be said that this is a highly-effective traditional therapy in treatment and its effect is so amazing. As the acupressure massage, its main technique is to use thumb tips, original of hands, tissue of thumb, tissue of little finger to press the painful position or acupuncture points. The main effect is the force through skin, to muscle, bone or acupuncture points. Acupuncture massage directly affects the nervous system and skin, which helps clearance, treats blood pressure diseases and improves the skin.

Who should use acupressure massage?

bam-huyet-2Subjects should use acupressure massage

  • People who are nervous tired, stressful caused by pressure in life
  • People who have pain in one or muscle groups
  • People who have demand of losing fat, weight
  • People who have weak health and are subject to be indisposed.
  • People who have viscera functions being in decline

While acupressure message is very good for everyone, it depends on who uses acupressure. For special cases such as injured people including open wound and closed wound in areas of muscles, joints, bones, people who are inflamed on the skin, suffer surgical diseases.

Amazing effects of acupressure massage

bam-huyet-3Acupressure massage brings a lot of benefits

1 To stretch groups of muscles and give the absolute relaxation.

Because the acupressure massage will directly affect dense nervous receptors in the area under skin creating responses of nervous reflexes air-conditioning euphoria process or inhibiting central nervous system, relaxing nervous system, reducing pain, stretching muscles, improving digestion functions, making skin polishing and beautiful.

2 Treatment of joint, bone diseases

With this therapy, it helps stretch groups of muscles that are spastic caused by pressure, thus, improving the flexibility between joints, reducing the risk of being injured.

3 Support to lose weight 

The therapy of pressing accurately acupuncture points on the body helps thick skin become smaller, which makes us eat less but still feel normally full up. At the same time, area of accumulating fat is pressed helping the body lose weight quickly.

4. Rejuvenation and skin beauty

This therapy combining with Oil herb from Phuc Hung Massage will create a membrane protecting skin, avoiding pimples, bacterial contamination, as well as reducing facial muscle for rejuvenation.

5 Resistance Improvements

With skillfully competent movements from employees of Phuc Hung Massage, lympho system will be stimulated, helping resistance for the health.


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