Beauty effect from the relaxation of herbal sauna

The relaxation of herbal sauna

You probably didn’t know that herbal sauna has been used by our ancestors as a cure for fevers. People often use leaves or dried flowers with aromatic essential oils to disinfect the pharynx – throat, nose – sinuses, increase blood circulation, etc. So what is the use of herbal saunas today?

What is herbal sauna?


Herbal Sauna

The traditional medicine define herbal sauna as a method of using herbs that are plants with mild, aromatic, spicy or hot plants that increase sweat and detox for body. Herbs for sauna will usually be the leaves of bamboo, grapefruit leaves, marjoram, mint, basil, pistachio leaves, twig, patchouli, lemongrass, ginger, etc.

Herbal sauna helps relax the body


Herbal sauna helps relax

Herbal sauna will help reduce most of the fatigue and stress after working days. It helps the blood vessels under the skin to expand and enhance the blood circulation. When the sauna is combined with herbs, it will work directly through the skin or through the respiratory tract to enhance vein and blood circulation, treat typhoid flu, relax the body, the spirit becomes comfortable, the muscles will be released from aches and pains.

Herbal sauna is a great beauty method


Herbal sauna for beauty

It can be said that this is a method of beauty care which is extremely effective and very economical. By the effect of temperature, the pores will be expanded and push the debris out to help open the pores, thereby minimizing acne. This method also stimulates the formation of collages, which will help your skin become smooth and healthy.

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