Massage therapy-The distinction derives from Phuc Hung massage

Massage therapy has made a name for Phuc Hung brand among a dime a dozen massage centers springing up like mushrooms nowadays

Why does Phuc Hung opt for massage therapy?

Massage therapy:

Simply because it not only offers relaxation techniques but also renders a package of services such as:  reflexology massage with the aim of combining the prevention and treatment of areas of muscles and bones that are having problems with movement or from vigorous exercise.

What is relaxation massage?:

Gently smooth, gliding strokes accompanies massage lotion afterwards, applying massage oil doesn’t always mean relaxation, if the massage therapist’s techniques are certifiably awesome, it will be more inclined to the treatment than just letting your hair down.

Conditions treated


Regularly train and improve skills for technicians, as the treatment requires skilled techniques and high concentration, the training will consequently be costly and long-lasting. Hence, most businesses in Spa and massage industry nowadays will opt out or stick their brands to the prevailing market due to the need for long-term investment and business, requiring comprehensive and professional qualifications to train technicians continuously.

Transmission of enthusiasm:

Because for this industry, earning a living is not as important as bringing your heart to help others prevent muscle, bone and joint diseases. Therefore, during the training process, candidates with big hearts and long-term commitment are always preferable. The owner of the business or the manager or the vocational trainer thus shall transmit their enthusiasm, passion and importance of this industry when learning and treating guests.

What makes Phuc Hung massage different from the rest?


Phuc Hung massage therapists have thoroughly compiled and selected particular sessions only available at Phuc Hung massage. With twenty-year experience in Massage industry plus having acquired a wide variety of massage sessions which are well known globally, we undoubtedly are experts in customer psychology from time to time.

Foot massage:

Help blood circulation, prevent diseases such as spinal degeneration, numbness of the leg, knee pain, cramps “cramps”, sciatica, varicose veins, etc. Tired feet also need to be taken care of because the legs themselves bear full body weight for a long time so they are susceptible to suffer from lower limbs at present. Some major acupuncture points such as: Dung tuyen, Tuc tam ly, Tam am giao, Giai khue, con lon, doc ti, etc. frequently appear in the foot massage treatments of Phuc Hung massage.

Body Massage:

Acupressure to stimulate regular blood circulation and bring blood to stave congested areas off pain and numbness, for instance, the nape (the back of your neck) composes of these following acupuncture points: phong tri, phong phu, dai chuy, kien ngung, kien tinh, kien trung, etc. that make the shoulder muscles soft and dissolve the stiffness as well as fatigue; the lumbar region includes some acupuncture points along the back muscle which is close to the spine such as: than du, dai truong du, tieu truong du, bang quang du, thuong lieu, thu lieu, trung lieu, ha lieu, etc.; the head region’s acupuncture points like: bach hoi, an duong, toan truc, nghing huong, thinh cung, thai duong, etc. and some belong to the hands such as: khuc tri, khuc trach, hop coc, etc.

What is the difference between massage therapy and relaxation massage?

Whether or not massage therepy is relaxing?

Skillfull technicians in need

Massage therapists who are well trained will easily recognize the congested regions in need of effective treatment measures. Massage therapy also encompasses relaxation techniques which is frequently misunderstood by mostly everyone chosing this sort of treatment (they personally presume that massage therapy and relaxation sessions are unrelatable). And this makes the difference of Phuc Hung massage, massage therapy somehow still connects with relaxation as long as the Guests have no musculoskeletal problems.

Which make massage therapy different from relaxation massage:

Massage therapy requires to place acupressure deep inside the body so as to make deep and accurate impact on areas to be treated, when the technician stops pressing, the guest will immediately feel the difference between the regions pressed and the others.

What is massage therapy:

What is treatment:

To impact deeply on the body to dissolve the muscle groups which are bundled tightly into the bones, making it difficult for the bones to move and put pressure directly on the discs. That is why there is no effective treatment because few people know this natural principle.

How to treat these symtoms properly?

After treatment, the person treated must feel the difference compared to the original state, has the stiffness decreased? Has the pain subsided yet? or still suffers from stiffness? Is it an assessment of the customer to the business owner or the technician who meets the requirements of the ad, or is it just an advertisement?

Why appears the combination between massage and treatment:

In order to protect the body from early degeneration:

Should you not choose the proper massage package or opt for the wrong place, “spend money (on a quack doctor) and only get worse” is inevitable. Because a couple of guests came to Phuc Hung’s massage therapists to ask why they chose spa and massage but still eventually got degeneration. With proper massage technique, the muscles no longer hold or block the active bones, and this has resulted in the advoidance of spinal degeneration.

Phuc Hung massage session formed by what mechanism?

For these above-mentioned reasons, Phuc Hung massage has compiled 2 exercises which has stamped their marks (brand of Phuc Hung massage) on the competitive market: Foot massage and body massage with nothing like other spa or massage centers, at the same time, with the careful selection of each gesture (move) to bring the effect for each guest and make sure that he feels ablsolutely comfortable and satisfied after taking and using the service at Phuc Hung massage.

Is massage therapy really effective?

The value of massage therapy?

Body maintenance:

Each person’s body is seen as a vehicle or a machine. If receiving sufficient and proper care, it will definitely operate well and exist for a long period of time, because no matter what you do to prolong your body, it won’t work, anyone must undergo old age but we get to choose how to degenerate and which way to maintain our bodies.

Suffering from degeneration when the choice of body maintainance is put away:

Everyone degrades, but when taking care of the body, the degeneration will be better controlled. If there is regular care and maintenance, the degeneration will be significantly slower when compared to those who do not maintain and take care of their body. Because the temporary reliance on painkillers everytime the body aches only worsens the situation due to the hard to control disc problem as the result of prolonging the proper treatment.

At what age do men or women need body care? Which sport is good for the body?

Age, when do men or women need body care?

Nowadays, because of the capricious climate change and nonstandard eating habit, musculoskeletal disorders are not choosy with anybody of any age. Inappropriate eating is more prone to obesity, sudden weight gain causes instant pressure on bones due to the expeditious swollen which results in damaging the spine and disc and sequently accelerates the speed of degenerative spine. Even women during pregnancy also may cause damage to the disc, therefore strictly following the doctor’s instructions when giving pregnant women calcium or iron supplements, etc. is the best option.

Which sport is good for the development of the muscle, bones and better protect for the body?

It is indisputable that exercise is good for all ages but fitness must be suitable for the developing age, the sport is chosen according to the age and natural disposition of each person’s body. Do not overwork or perform complex movements that are difficult for each person’s age or natural propensity. Exercise must also be very scientific because it is impossible to sit all day at work but running at night, causing the back muscles and spine to move. It is an excessive phenomenon that makes it easier to injure or damage the disc. If you choose the wrong exercise, you will harm yourself by making your body degenerate faster.

The sport must really relax the body after a day of hectic workload, relax muscles, recover muscles stiffened by the stress of work all day long. That is the right and good choice for your own body.

Wish you always happy and healthy and full of happiness when choosing the right place to stay healthy, as well as choosing the right exercise that your body really needs.

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