Beat your fatigue with the combination of cochinchin gourd wine and effective massage therapy

Massage therapy

Lower back pain is one of the most common conditions in the modern and busy life nowadays. It often happens in people sitting and standing for a long period of time. You can totally treat it by acupressure or massage but if that doesn’t help, you can refer to lower back pain treatment with  cochinchin gourd wine below.


Lower back pain treatment with cochinchin gourd wine

What is the cause of lower back pain? 

There have bên a lot of causes for lower back pain, but the most common is due to poor postures and overloading. If your job requires using much effort to lift and pull, this will effect on the spine and increase the risk of suffering from lower back pain. If you work in a hunching, spine curving posture, it is possible that you will get the lower back pain.


Poor working posture is the common cause for lower back pain

Obesity is also one of the reasons leading to lower back pain. When the body weight exceeds the endurance of the skeletal system, it will put great pressure on joints and bones and affect the pelvic.

Overexercising also increases the likelihood of low back pain. If you don’t have appropriate time distribution for exercising, the overly tensed muscles will cause lower back pain.

Lower back pain treatment with cochinchin gourd wine

Cochinchin gourd definitely is not so strange to us any more, but only a few people know that cochinchin gourd wine is a precious medicine for lower back pain treatment and other conditions very effectively.

According to modern scientific researches, cochinchin gourd is proved to contain a large amount of cellulose, tannin, protid, lipid, vitamin, minerals that benefit our health, assist treatment of injuries, ease joint pains very quickly. The uses of cochinchin seed are similar to bear bile, instead of killing bears to get the bile, you can use Gac cochinchin instead.


Cochinchin gourd wine is a valuable medicine for effective lower back pain treatment

If you want to treat lower back pain, besides drinking cochinchin gourd wine, patients should combine with massage to enhance the efficiency of cochinchin gourd wine and relieve lower back pain quicker. If you are looking for a massage agency, come to Phu Hung Massage – a trusted place providing you with relieving treatment for your lower back pain. With a team of professional personnel, Phu Hung Massage will bring you the most well-deserved relaxation time.

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