Treating Lower Back Pain (Kidney) At Phuc Hung Massage

Treating Lower Back Pain (Kidney) By Phuc Hung Massage

  1. Negative effects, Importance and subjects of Lower Back Pain (Kidney) Treatment

  • Lower Back Pain Negative effects:


Sitting for a long time, sitting a lot, sitting in one position for too long, standing for long periods of time, standing in the wrong position affects the back a lot and causes damage in muscles and bones and eventually long-term pain can cause herniated disc. Frequent back pain also causes muscle atrophy of the buttocks and lower limbs, eventually this long-term pain can lead to sciatica, degenerative spine, varicose veins, etc. In addition to the causes of vertebral damage above, the lack of water supply makes the body is not able to produce the muscles or produce drained muscles which is called muscle tightness performing improper movements. Lower back pain should be treated promptly and finding the right reputable healthcare center to understand and well treat is necessary.

  • Importance

Performing acupressure using thumb to loosen the injured areas, hard muscles to open the meridians and make the muscles work flexibly to create the desired movements and avoid pain, numbness, lumbar degeneration, varicose veins, sciatica, etc.

  • Subjects

Businessmen, business owners, managers, office workers, hand workers and workers who stand as much as: hairdresser, manicurists, tailors, drivers etc.

  1. Acupressure areas in of Lower Back Pain (Kidney) Treatment

  • Back & shoulders:

Because of sitting in the wrong position, sudden movement, sitting for a long time, sitting a lot, standing for a long time and standing a lot, the back and shoulder muscles will be tight, making the movement not gentle, the back and shoulders will need to be flexible in every situation.

  • Lower body (legs):

The lower body is completely under pressure of the body weight due to standing and walking a lot, so the leg area is very important.

3. Lower Back Pain (Kidney) Treatment at Phuc Hung Message


  • Back muscles:

Performing acupressure using thumb to loosen to stretch the back muscles along the spine helps better blood circulation to the buttocks and legs, so the flexibly of movement will be increased.

  • Buttocks & legs (thighs) (when lying face down):

Pressing Huan Tiao, Cheng Fu, Wei Zhong, Cheng Shan etc. acupoints pushes the inner thigh muscle and the middle of the outer thigh muscle from the lower leg to the foot area to increase blood circulation to the leg area and prevent leg numbness.


Finishing the process of Lower Back Pain (Kidney) Treatment at Phuc Hung Message

Press Jian Jing, Jian Gu, Jian Zhong Shu acupressure points in the shoulders and Feng Chi, Feng Fu, Da Zhui acupressure points in the shoulder – neck area then massage the shoulders.

Treating Lower Back Pain (Kidney)

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