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The origin and the uses of Red Dao Leaves Soaking:

Origin of the Red Dao Leaves Soaking

It is a typical feature of medicinal plants used for health care and treatment, which has existed for a long time in the Northwest mountainous Red Dao ethnic group. The Red Dao people have a habit of bathing with hot water all year round, regardless of winter or summer.

Until now, these comprehensive and unique health care baths are still used by everyone, and become an indispensable part of the Northwest mountainous region tourism. This is for everyone, the number of medicinal plants in a bath remedies is usually very large, ranging from 10 to 120, from many different plant families and forms, each with different uses.


  1. Treatment of rheumatism, osteoarthritis, numbness, back pain, headache, insomnia, sweating and odor feet.
  2. Reduce muscle tension, stiffness due to excessive exercise, stimulate the digestive system.
  3. Cure skin disease, brighten and smoothen skin.
  4. Against fatigue, increase energy, detoxify and flush toxins out through the excretory system, stimulate the nervous system to help the body feel refreshed

Note: For postpartum women, help circulate blood, recover quickly.

Importance and subjects Red Dao Leaves Soaking Service:

Importance of Red Dao Leaves Soaking

Soaking with Red Dao leaves and exfoliating bath area in Phuc Hung

Properly soaking is very good for the body, as well as clean and open pores, support for the elimination of toxins from the body, excretion, breathable skin, muscles and joints painkillers, and for the treatment of  damaged muscle and local tension, cold, inflammation, vaginal infection especially good for postpartum women etc.


Businessmen, business owners, managers, office workers, hand workers and workers who stand as much as: hairdresser, manicurists, tailors, drivers etc.


Large towels to wrap around the body, towel to dry the body after soaking, dry clothes to keep warm after soaking.

Red Dao Leaves Soaking at Phuc Hung Massage

Subjects should go for Red Dao Leaves Soaking:

People, who work in air-conditioner environments, sweat less, want to be relieved from the cold, have stiff shoulder and back pain, aching joints etc.

Subjects should not go for Red Dao Leaves Soaking:

People, who have high blood pressure, low blood pressure, vestibular disorders, extreme tiredness, pregnant women, cardio-vascular problems, allergic skin, skin infections, etc.

Before Red Dao Leaves Soaking:

It is advisable to bathe with warm water to keep the body warm to adapt to the hot environment, not causing the body to change temperature suddenly, it may cause cardio-vascular damage, etc.

Red Dao Leaves Soaking:


Warm water and Red Dao Leaves in wooden soaked baskets, customers can add more hot and cold water according to their needs until water flooding up to the neck, use a spoon to soak the medicated medicine bucket throughout the shoulder and neck muscles areas.

Finishing Red Dao Leaves Soaking:

Dry off, change into dry clothes, lie down for 10 to 15 minutes, drink hot tea, and avoid wind and air-conditioning.

Things not to do After Red Dao Leaves Soaking:

Keep bare feet from touching the ground after soaking, wind and air conditioning, avoid drinking cold water, taking a cold shower, etc.

Feelings After Red Dao Leaves Soaking:

Use a towel to dry the medicated water, do not take a bath after soaking, avoid wind, fans and air conditioners, change clothes and keep your body warm, lie down for 10 to 15 minutes after soaking. Feeling the blood flow faster to stiffness muscle areas is a good sign because the medicine was prepared and brewed properly, and then soaked enough as well as exactly the Red Dao Leaves Soaking method of the Northwest mountainous region.

Customers should shower after the massage service is finished.

Please make your reservation before coming, so that Phuc Hung can serve you better.

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