What are the criteria required for a standard massage?

Massage? Why do we need Massage? Right massage for what?

Why do we need massage: 

All of us must pass through the common path of “being born, getting old, getting sick and die”. Before passing through it, it is necessary to mention to degeneration. Everyone degenerates but the level of degeneration and time of degeneration will be chosen by each of us. If you know how to take care properly, the degeneration is slower than those who do not care for their body.

When we sit for a long time, sit too much, sit in the wrong position, stand for a long time, stand in the wrong position, physically move in the wrong posture, exercise difficult sports and sudden reaction. These have caused the blood to transmit badly and cause ischemia in some important positions of the body, which is also the cause of frequent pain, numbness, and stiffness.

What are the effects of correct massage?

So each of us needs massage and does massage properly to support the muscles to relieve tense pressure and to operate flexibly, which not only improves but also prevents common bone and joint diseases such as spinal degeneration, sciatica, varicose veins, etc.

How to massage to be good for the body? Foot Massage Or Body massage?

Benefits of foot massage:

Because your foot support the full weight of the body all day, the care of your foot is extremely necessary, which helps reducing pressure on the veins of the foot and tightness to the lower limb muscles. Massage combined with acupressure is used to loosen injured areas, hard muscles which are pinched for a long time, causing blockage, numbness of the legs, not good heart returning blood, causing vein of lower limbs to hurt and deteriorate (varicose veins).

Benefits of body massage:

Because massage is a series of scientific movements such as: pressing, stroking, kneading, shaking the muscles and joints. When we are massaged properly, the injured tissues and muscles are recovered naturally by make the blood circulate well to each part of the body. Contributing an important role to the prevention and treatment of diseases such as numbness of hands, headaches, insomnia, degenerative vertebra, varicose veins, etc.

Harmful effects when choosing wrong massage methods and techniques?

Side effects of wrong massage:

When you get an external muscle massage, it does not solve the problem of muscles attached to the bone area such as the cervical vertebra, the back vertebra causing too bad damage to the intervertebral discs in the long term, which is also the reason why the intervertebral discs wears quickly, resulting in degeneration and it is caused by improper massage. Currently, because massage centers and spa facilities have not pay close attention to train skills much for technician, so customers who often go to spa or massage but still have degenerative vertebrae, sciatica and varicose failure or osteoarthritis diseases, etc.


In order to become a smart consumer, you should find centers which are truly knowledgeable and skilled in massage combined with acupressure to both relax and prevent common diseases such as shoulder and neck pain, lumbar pain, varicose failure, sciatica, degeneration of the vertebrae, etc. If you choose incorrectly, you are in the situation of “to spend money (on a quack doctor) and only get worse” as customers who are currently suffering from degenerative vertebra, osteoarthritis disease treated at Phuc Hung Massage.

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