Herbal Sauna At Phuc Hung Massage.

Sauna At Phuc Hung Massage

  1. Importance and users of sauna services:

  • Proper sauna is good for the body:

Proper sauna is good for the body, as well as cleanses and unclog pores, good support for the excretion of toxins from inside the body through excretion, helping the skin to “breathe”

  • Users:

Merchants, business owners, managers, office workers, long standers such as barber, “nail”, tailor, long-distance driver, etc.

  1. Types of saunas at Phuc Hung Massage and preparation:

Dry sauna:

The sauna room at Phuc Hung Massage is designed and fitted entirely of pine wood, keeping the heat well. The heat will come from a furnace to heat pebbles, then use water mixed with essential oils to water on the pebbles to spread a pleasant aroma that helps to clear the nose when using.

Wet Sauna:

Herbal sauna at Phuc Hung massage

There are places that use the Chinese herbs, some places use a variety of fumigated leaves such as lemongrass, basil, grapefruit leaves, mugwort, mint, perilla. At Phuc Hung massage, we use natural herbs including leaves and roots, etc.


Large towels to wrap around the body, small towels to cover the face in the sauna and to wipe when sweat.

  1. Phuc Hung Massage sauna process:


People who work in air-conditioners a lot without sweating, and want to relax.

Who may not use:

People with high blood pressure, low blood pressure, vestibular disorders, extreme tiredness, pregnant women, heart problems, allergic skin, skin infections, etc.

Before the sauna:

It is advisable to bathe in warm water so that the body can adapt to the hot environment, do not make sudden changes to the body in temperature, which can cause heart damage, etc.

During the sauna:

Use a dry towel if you sweat a lot, do not allow the sweat to be re-absorbed by the body, use hot tea, do not go to a place with wind or air conditioning.

Dry sauna:

Use before using wet sauna, use water mixed with essential oils to water on pebles to give enough heat to enter the body.

Wet sauna:

Do not sit near the mouth of steam sprayer to avoid burning skin, wipe when there is a lot of sweat, sweat should not be absorbed back into the body.


Use a towel to dry sweat, do not shower after sauna, avoid wind, fans and air conditioning, change clothes and keep your body warm. You shower after using massage service is finished.

Herbal Sauna


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