What makes Ashibata the anti-aging herb

Ashibata the anti-aging herb

Japan is famous for beauty brands as well as famous for product quality and massage treatments at spas. Experiencing Japanese massage style and learning beauty methods in Vietnam is not too difficult. We introduce to you Japanese herbs and massage methods to help anti-aging with the best effect.

Ashibata is an herb with anti-aging effects


Ashibata herb

A study published in Nature Communications showed that an herb called Ashibata contains natural essences that help stimulate the purification of cellular waste products in the body to help fight aging process.

In order to maintain health and slow down aging, the unwanted cells need to be removed and replaced by purification and regeneration. The essence of Ashibata has its scientific name of 4.4 ‘- dimethoxychalcone or DMC which is an important catalyst for this process to help fight aging.

Not only having the anti-aging herbs, the Japanese massage method also has a great effect in combating the risk of skin and body aging through pressing pressure points.

Japanese-style massage for anti-aging


Japanese massage for anti-aging

By the force of the fingers of professional reflexology technicians, Japanese massage helps stimulate energy from within the body and skin. Therefore, it not only has an anti-aging effect but also helps restore the body, bringing a sense of comfort after each massage. In addition, pressing on each acupuncture point helps blood circulation, reduces pain and can treat the neck, spine, waist, numb feet, etc. the metabolism is stronger and eliminates the waste in the body, and regenerates new cells to help fight aging effectively.

Where can you enjoy Japanese massage?

Not only having precious herbs, Japanese massage methods have a strong impact on your body. If you wish to try and experience this wonderful massage, come to Phuc Hung massage to enjoy the most comfortable moments. Phuc Hung Massage has a team of skilled staff and knowledge of massage therapy that can help you treat aches and pains with Japanese massage service.

Therapy from Japan always brings good outcomes, many people choose Japanese massage as a way to enjoy and take care of themselves.

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