Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage (Japan) at Phuc Hung Massage:


  1. The importance and those using Shiatsu massage service

  • The importance:

Shiatsu massage uses on the acupressure finger to release injured areas, hard muscles which are obstacle for a long time, causing obstruction, making the muscles not work flexibly, not working harmoniously with the bones to create appropriate and perfect movements.  It is used to prevent back and shoulder and pain and low back pain.

  • Objects:

Businessman, business owners, managerial positions, office workers, working using hand too much as: haircuts, “nail” manicure, tailors, driving long distances, … v.v..v.


  1. The areas required acupressure:

    • Back & shoulder:

Because of sitting in the wrong position, sudden movement, sitting for a long time, sitting a lot, standing for a long time and standing a lot, the back and shoulder muscles will be tight, making the movement not gentle, making the back and the shoulders not flexible in all situation.

  • Lower limbs:

Because of totally bearing the pressure from the body due to standing and walking a lot, the lower limbs are really important because of bearing the entire weight of the body.


  • Upper limbs and head:

Due to working too much, it will cause the hands tired and numb in the palms, so pressing lightly and pressing the right pressure point will not cause headaches and nervous tension, supporting in the treatment of chronic insomnia.

  1. Procedure of Shiatsu massage at Phuc Hung Massage

    • The back muscles:

Do acupressure along the back muscles close to the spine in order to relax the back muscles, make the movements more flexible helping the muscles and spine operate better.

  • Shoulders and neck:

Pressing 3 key muscle lines on the shoulder area, along the acupuncture points including phong trì, phong phủ, kiên ngung, kiên tỉnh, kiên trung, etc. to reduce shoulder stiffness, support the neck vertebrae t be be more flexible

  •  Buttocks & hind legs “thighs with the guests lie face down”:

Pressing  the gluteal muscles of the buttock to separate the buttock muscle and the bone, pressing the muscles and acupuncture points such as hoàn khiêu, thừa phù, âm môn, uỷ trung, thừa sơn, etc. for better blood circulation to the leg area, preventing leg numbness.

  • Front thighs, lower legs, feet:

Pressing between the inner thigh muscle and the outer thigh muscle, down to the lower leg, separating the toe joint, pressing the muscles and acupuncture points of phong thị, độc tỵ, túc tam lý, dương lăng tuyền, phong long, giải khê, etc. … makes blood circulating to the leg to prevent numbness in the legs and recover health.

  • Upper limbs:

Pressing the front, inner, outer and back muscles and the forearm muscles, press muscles and acupuncture points such as khúc trì, khúc trạch, nội quan, ngoại quan, etc. to make better blood circulation to the hands and prevent hand numbness.

  • Head and shoulders:

Pressing along the muscles of the head and acupuncture points including bách hội, ấn đường, toán trúc, thái dương, nghinh hương, thính cung, etc. to make better blood circulation to the head, relieve nervous tension and chronic headaches.

  • Finishing the body massage procedure of Phuc Hung Massage:

Press acupuncture points in the shoulders such as: kiên tỉnh, kiên ngung, kiên trung, cổ gáy như: phong trì, phong phủ, đại chuỳ, kneading the shoulder muscles and finishing Shiatsu massage procedure.


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