Gac fruit seed and piper sarmentosum leave is a miraculous combination for treatment of shoulder and neck pain

Treatment of shoulder and neck pain

Shoulder and neck pain is not a rare disease, the pain often occurs when you exercise too much, sit too much or stand still in a position. When sore muscles appear, you must stop doing things and it affect productivity. So how to treat shoulder and neck pain? Herbal treatment is a good idea. So which herbs are suitable? Let’s find out.

Herbs are suitable

Gac fruit seeds soaked in wine


Gac seeds soaked in alcohol for treatment of neck pain

Gac seeds contain ingredients that help treat neck pain very effectively like tannins, cellulose, etc.

To have Gac seeds soaked in alcohol for disease treatment, you only need about 50 Gac fruit. Remove the skin and take out the crushed core to soak the white wine about 45 degrees. Then preserve about 1 week you will get Gac soaked wine for massage. However, Gac seeds only work best when you apply and massage.

Treatment of shoulder and neck pain by piper sarmentosum leaves

Piper sarmentosum is a popular plant in Vietnam, you can find this plant easily. This is a precious and rare herb in Vietnam that can effectively treat neck and shoulder pain.


Piper sarmentosum helps to effectively treat the shoulder and neck pain

Crush piper sarmentosum leaves and then roast the same on a hot pan then apply mixture to the affected area until it cool down. Perform about 2-3 times and you will see the great effect from this remedy. However, to achieve the best effect, you can combine it with massage in the neck and shoulder to help relax the tendons.

In addition to directly applying piper sarmentosum leaves, you can also heat up, use steam to evaporate into the sore part. It is also effective therapeutic effect.

Use herbal bags to treat neck and shoulder pain

Treating the neck and shoulder pain is not easy as the pain often appears suddenly causing sharp pain and bothers you. If it is not treated early, the pain will become more severe and difficult to treat. You can use herbal bags in combination with massage therapies for the best effect. The essences in herbs help relieve pain and treat disease along with massage so that they can be absorbed quickly through the skin and support the best treatment.

In case of mild pain, you can treat it at home, but I recommend looking for a place with the best therapeutic massage service that can help cure the disease, avoid long dreaming nights. And at Phuc Hung massage you will experience the best therapeutic massage ways to cure the evil disease that bothers you. The skill and experience of the staff of Phuc Hung massage in pressing acupuncture points of the necessary acupuncture points will make you feel comfortable for the fastest cure. Finding the right method, getting to the right place is the fastest way to effectively treat shoulder and neck pain.


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