Neck and shoulder treatment by Phuc Hung Massage

Neck and shoulder treatment by Phuc Hung Massage:


  1. Negative effects, Importance and subjects of neck and shoulder pain treatment:

Neck and shoulder pain negative effects:


Neck and shoulder pain is often extremely harmful, but almost no one notices or cares about shoulder stiffness which is one of the causes causing the fastest degeneration of the vertebra. Due to sitting for a long time, sitting a lot, sitting in the wrong postures, the shoulder muscles are affected, strained. Neck and shoulder pain can lead to harmful complications such as insomnia, chronic headache, numbness in the hands and the back of the body, etc. Ignoring the pain muscles for a long time or taking painkillers do not solve or treat neck and shoulder pain completely. Signs of instability should be examined, prevented and treated to prevent disc herniation..


Using thumbs to gently perform acupressure and open the meridians, recover the damaged muscles, stiffness making the muscles and bones work flexibly to create perfect movements, preventing symptoms such as numbness, headache, chronic insomnia, cervical vertebra degeneration.


Businessmen, business owners, managers, office workers, hand workers and workers who stand as much as: hairdresser, manicurists, tailors, drivers etc.

2. Body areas that need massage and acupressure:

Back & shoulders:

Due to sitting in the wrong postures, sudden movement after sitting, standing for a long time, lot of sitting, standing due to work, the back and shoulder muscles will be tense, making the movement harder, the back and shoulders will not be flexible in every situation.

Lower body:

The lower body will be fully under pressure from standing and walking a lot, so the leg area is very important.

Upper body and head:

Lot of handworks causes fatigue and numbness in the palms of the hands, so pressing lightly on the right acupressure points will support the treatment of headaches, nervous tension and chronic insomnia

  1. Body massage by Phuc Hung Massage:

Back muscles:

Acupressure stretches the back muscles, to help muscles and vertebrates work better making the movement more flexible

Shoulder & neck:

Pressing Feng Chi, Feng Fu, Jian Gu, Jian Jing, Jian Zhong etc. acupressure points in order to reduce shoulder stiffness, the neck vertebrae will be more flexible.

Buttocks & legs “thighs part when guests lie face down”:

Pressing Huan Tiao, Cheng Fu, Yin Men, Wei Zhong, Cheng Shan etc. acupressure points helps blood circulation, numbness treatment

Front thighs, lower legs, feet:

Pressing Feng Chi, Zu San Li, Du Bi, Yang Ling Quan, Feng Leng, Jie Xi etc. acupressure points helps blood circulation, numbness treatment and health recovery.

Upper body:

Pressing Qu Chi, Qu Ze, Nei Quan, Wai Guan etc. acupressure points helps blood circulation and numbness treatment.

Shoulder and head:

Pressing Bai Hui, Glabella, Zan Zhu, Lemporal Lobe, Ying Sia, Ting Gong etc. acupressure point helps blood circulation, relieves nervous tension and chronic headaches.

Finishing body masssage at Phuc Hung Massage

Pressing acupressure points in shoulders, neck, massage shoulder muscles and finish the process.

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