Thai masage

Thai massage at Phuc Hung massage:


  1. The importance and subjects using Thai massage’s services

  • Importance:

Massage combines with pressing (acupressure points), pulling, stretching or loosening the uneven elastic areas to relieve the injured, stiff muscles that have been inserted for a long time, causing obstruction, making the muscles work inflexibly, not cooperating with bones to create the desired and perfect movements.

  • Subject:

Merchants, business owners, managers of all levels, office workers, barbers, manicurist, tailors, driver, etc.

  1. Regions to be performed massage and acupressure:

  • Back & shoulder:

Because of sitting in the wrong position, suddenly moving, sitting for a long time, sitting a lot, standing for a long time and standing a lot, the back and shoulder muscles will be stiff, making the movement lose its gentleness, the back and shoulders will be inflexible in every situation as the result.

  • Lower limbs:

Being under full body pressure due to standing and walking a lot, the legs, therefore, are extremely important since it shoulders the full weight of the body.

  • Upper limbs and head:

The hands due to heavy workload suffer from fatigue and numbness in the palms, so pressing lightly and pressing the right acupressure points will help ease headaches, nervous tension, and support the treatment of chronic insomnia as well.

  1. Massage procedure at Phuc Hung massage:

    • Back muscles:

Performing acupressure along the back muscles to relax them, making the movement more flexible to help the muscles and spine work better. Improving the condition of the lumbar region and tight muscles of the back.

  • Shoulder & neck:

Pressing these acupuncture points: phong tri, phong phu, kien ngung, kien tinh, kien trung, etc; kneading shoulder muscles with one hand and both hands to ease shoulder tension or tightness and improve headache, insomnia and support cervical vertebrae flexibility.

  • Buttocks & hind legs “thighs after guests lie face down”:

Pressing along the hind thighs, lower legs and soles, combining a number of pulling, straightening and stretching movements to help the back, buttocks and thighs be completely relaxed,

  • Front thighs, lower legs, feet:

Pressing along the inside, the front and the outside from the thighs, lower legs and feet. Using forward stretching movements to combat muscle stiffness, also playing a part in helping blood circulation down to the leg area to prevent numbness and heath recovery.

Upper limbs:

Pressing the front and back areas of the hands. Performing acupuncture with some of these points: Khuc tri, noi quan, ngoai quan, hop coc, ect. Pulling, stretching the arm muscles for better blood circulation and avoidance of hand numbness and shoulder pain.

Head and shoulder:

Pressing the head and face regions to improve blood circulation, reduce stress, prevent rhinitis, headache, eye pain, etc.; relaxing the head and neck muscles for better blood circulation, stress reduction and chronic headaches.

  • Ending Thai massage procedure at Phuc Hung massage:

Pressing the acupressure points in the shoulder area such as: kiên ngung, kiên trung; neck, nape such as: phong tri, phong phu, dai chuy. Kneading the shoulder muscles and finishing Thai massage process.

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