Gifts for the the Year of Pig 2019

🔥🎇🎆 Gifts for the the Year of Pig 2019 🎆🎇🔥

Only 1 time in a year.

🎉 Phuc Hung Massage has received your valuable gift which is the trust, enthusiasm and support of our customers who have been used and will use the service at the Health Center for Men & Women at Phuc Hung Massage. .

🎉 On the occasion of new year, Phuc Hung Massage will present you, in addition to our best wishes, many health care gift packages.

🎉 New Year Gift Package 1 – Phuc Hung designed this gift package so that you can bring your relatives and friends to come to health care to prepare for the new year celebration: 50% of the value of opening loyalty card (VIP Member) at Phuc Hung Massage – 10 gifts of 5 services of the same type.


✔ The more card you open, the more you save (V.I.P Member).

✔ No need to worry about card expiry date.

✔ Unlimited number of card for one person, you can open cards as gifts for relatives, friends or excellent employees of your Company.

🤩 New Year Gift Package 2 – Detoxing, relaxing stubborn muscle group, recovering health to welcome new year: From 10:00 to 15:30, any customer using our services at Phuc Hung Massage will receive a valuable gift amounting up to 200,000 / 1 time. You will have great experience with “Dao Do Bath” at Phuc Hung Massage.

🤩 Note:

We warrant that herbs and medicinal plants are imported from the Northwest mountainous region, the herbs and medicinal plants are processed by the Company without preservatives.

✔ Gifts are used right after using the services.

✔ Gifts cannot be exchanged for cash or deducted from other services.

✔ Gifts can be used by relatives, friends or employees.

🤩 The special and unique program of the year will start from January 15, 2018 and end in February 2, 2018.


☎☎ In case you do not keep up the program or want to know about the customer care program of Phuc Hung massage, you can join the program by phone by calling to book the service or number of loyalty cards (VIP Member). Phuc Hung will deliver the card at the address specified by you.

For health advice, acupressure massage, neck and shoulder pain treatment, low back pain treatment (Kidney), Varicose Veins, Sciatica, etc. in HCMC


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