Reflexology Foot Massage _ Foot Massage

Foot Massage by Phuc Hung Massage:

Importance and subjects of  Reflexology Foot Massage

  • Importance:

Using thumbs to gently perform reflexology and open the meridians, recover the damaged muscles, stiffness promoting blood circulation, preventing varicose veins.

  • subjects:

Businessmen, business owners, managers, office workers, hand workers and workers who stand as much as: hairdresser, manicurists, tailors, drivers etc.

  1. Areas that need Reflexology Foot Massage:


Due to sitting in the wrong position, sudden movement, sitting for a long time, sitting a lot, standing for a long time and standing a lot, the soles of the feet will be numb, stiff, making the legs swell, causing numbness and pain in the feet.


The legs are being completely under pressure from the body due to standing and walking a lot, so this area is very important.

Knee joint:

The knee area is damaged because of  lots of exercise, movements and being under at the same time, easily getting fatigue, dryness or degeneration.

  1. Foot Massage by Phuc Hung Massage:


Soaking Red Dao Leaves mixed with warm water for about 10 minutes. Combining with the foot bath time is hand reflexology on Qu Chi, Qu Ze, Nei Quan, Wai Guan etc. to help blood circulation to the hands better and prevent numbness of the hands.


Yong Quan reflextology performance, Yong Quan is a large acupuncture points located in the foot, in oriental medicine it is called “longevity”. This helps the kidneys to detoxify, improve endocrine, anti-insomnia, etc. reflex areas under the soles of the feet to help blood circulation and the effective function of internal organs.

  • Leg:

Zu San Li acupuncture point should not be missed because this point is the main point of the lower leg, and very important in knee joints treatment. Combining with other important acupuncture point such as Yang Ling Quan, Yin Ling Quan, Feng Leng, Jie Xi, Tai Xi, Kun Lun  helps blood circulation to the leg well to prevent numbness and helps recovery faster.

  • Knee joint:

Pressing Zu San Li, Liang Qiui, Hsueh, Du Bi, etc. acupressure points helps blood circulation, numbness treatment and degenerative prevention.

  • Oil treatment:

Use oil to massage the large muscles, small muscles, long marks, pre-tibial muscles, soles of the feet … to help blood circulation, anti-numbness, limiting knee degeneration and varicose veins.

  • Stretch legs and do reflexology up in the thigh area:

Pressing Feng Shi acupressure points and massaging the muscles between the thighs helps blood circulation and numbness treatment.

  • Finishing body masssage at Phuc Hung Massage:

Pressing acupressure points in shoulders (Jian Jing, Jian Li, Jian Gu, Jian Zhong Shu) and in neck area (Feng Chi, Feng Fu, Da Zhui) and massaging shoulder muscles and finish the Foot Massage process

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