Bathing and soaking with Dao Do medicinal leaves at Phuc Hung Massage

Service of bathing and soaking with Dao Do medicinal leaves in Ho Chi Minh City

  1. Origin and fuctions of bathing and soaking with Dao Do medicinal leaves

  • Origin of esoteric remedies come from Dao Do’s bathing herbs


An outstanding characteristic of the mountain people of Northwestern (in which the Red Dao people can’t not be ignored) dated back to primitive days is their way of using plants as medicine for healthcare and treatment. Dao ethnic group are accustomed to bathing herbs soaked in hot water all year round, regardless of Spring or Winter.

So far, these comprehensive and one in a million remedies of bathing and soaking herbs for good health are in regular use and also an indispensable enjoyment when it comes to Norwest mountain tourism. This is a type of bathing herb for everyone. The number of medicinal plants in a bath remedies is usually very large, ranging from 10 to 120 species, many different plant families and life forms, with different uses.

  • Uses:

  1. Treating rheumatism, arthritis, arthralgia, numbness in arms and legs, back pain, headache, insomnia, sweaty hands and smelly feet.
  2. Reducing muscle tension, stiffness due to excessive exercise, stimulating the digestive system.
  3. Treating skin diseases, making the skin bright white, smooth and ruddy.
  4. Helping the body combat fatigue, boosting vitality, detoxifying and releasing toxins through the excretory system, stimulating the nervous system to help the body feel refreshed,


Used for women after giving birth to better circulating blood and recover quickly.

2. The importance and subjects using the services of bathing and soaking with Dao Do medicinal leaves


Proper immersion is good for the body, as well as cleansing and unclogging pores, in addition to supporting the elimination of toxins from inside human body through excretion, helping the skin to breathe, reducing pain in muscles and joints regions, treating damaged muscle areas and local tension, relieving colds, fighting inflammation in the private parts of the body, and especially good for postpartum women, etc.


Merchants, business owners, managers, office workers, long standers such as barber, “nail”, tailor, long-distance driver, etc.


Large towels to wrap around, towel to dry people after soaking, clothes to wear to keep warm after soaking.

3. The procedure of soaking with Dao Do medicinal leaves at Phuc Hung Massage:

People who should:

People who work in air-conditioned condition, don’t sweat, want to reduce colds, stiff shoulder and back pain, joint aches, etc.

People who should not:

People with high blood pressure, low blood pressure, vestibular disorders, extreme fatigue, pregnant women, cardiovascular disease, allergic skin, skin infections, etc.

Before soaking:

It is advisable to bathe with warm water to keep the body in time to adapt to the hot environment, not causing the body to change temperature suddenly because it may cause heart damage, etc.


A third of warm water and Dao Do medicinal herbs in a barrel timber, guests will open hot and cold water according to their needs. Fill the neck with water, use the spoon to water the medicinal herbs in the barrel timber over the shoulder and neck muscles.

Finish soaking:

Dry off, change into dry clothes, lie down for 10 to 15 minutes, drink hot tea, avoid wind and air-conditioning.

Things not to do after soaking:

Touch the ground (your bare feet) after soaking, let wind and air conditioning approach, drink cold water, take a cold shower, etc.

Feeling afterwards:

Use a towel to dry the medicated water, do not take a bath after soaking, avoid wind, fans and air conditioning, change clothes and keep your body warm, lie down for 10 to 15 minutes after soaking, feeling the blood circulation faster to the stiff and localized muscle areas which have long been affected is a good sign because the medicine is prepared properly, properly brewed according to the process, soaked enough time as well as exact Dao Do leaf method of the Northwest mountainous region. Shower after using massage service is advisable.

Soaking with Dao Do medicinal leaves


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