Where the Red Dao Leaves for soaking or bathing are widely distributed in Vietnam?

The Red Dao Leaves for soaking or bathing

We often hear that the Red Dao Leaves have miraculous effects not only on women but also men. So what are the “Red Dao Leaves” that so effective and how they are used, and what are the effects on many people. A herbal sauna service with Red Dao Leaves will be introduced to you through this article. Stay tuned.

The effects of Red Dao Leaves

Red Dao Leaves have been used in a traditional bath of the Red Dao ethnic people, it’s a traditional herbal steam remedy that everyone wants to try if they have chance to visit Sapa. The special effectiveness of Red Dao Leaves has been proved over the years.


Steaming sauna with Red Dao Leaves

For men, the steaming herbal with Red Dao Leaves method helps detoxify toxins caused by alcohol drinking habit, aching joints and increase vitality after tired working days.

For women, Red Dao Leaves bathing helps blood circulation, skin-care and especially postpartum period.

Especially for those who have just recovered from the illness in need of both mental and physical recovery, comfortably soaking in the Red Dao Leaves gives a refreshed feeling throughout the body and helps to recover faster.

Where the Red Dao Leaves for soaking or bathing are widely distributed in Vietnam?

This is a traditional remedy of the Red Dao ethnic people, and this is a feature of the Sapa tourism, where the Red Dao people live. Those who tried herbal sauna with Red Dao Leaves or Red Dao Leaves bathing are fascinated by this method and want to try it again. However, going to Sapa is not possible for those who live far away to experience often. As a result, many sauna services have brought the Red Dao Leaves to cities to fulfill the needs of customers.


Red Dao Leaves bathing helps to refresh

Now you can experience herbal sauna with Red Dao leaves right in Saigon even in other cities. Shortening the distance and making it possible to experience Red Dao Leaves in your neighbor is really valuable.

If you are addicted to this herbal sauna method, Phuc Hung Massage is the right address for you. The professional Red Dao herbal sauna service will make you feel comfortable and relax your whole body after using. Moreover, the service at Phuc Hung Massage always ensures the quality with simple procedures, modern equipment to bring the most valuable relaxing moments to customers. Come to Phuc Hung Massage whenever you want a Red Dao herbal or/and other ways to relax and enjoy.

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