The Red Dao people still retains the subtlety of the remedies handed down from ancestors.

The Red Dao people

Soaking with Dao Do medicinal leaves is a therapy which may seem strange to most people, but this actually is the famous traditional bath medicine of the Red Dao people. It is advisable that every should experience it due to its numerous functions to human body.


Soaking with Dao Do leaves is a famous bath medicine of Red Dao ethnic group

What is soaking with Dao Do medicinal leaves?

Bath remedy is a long-standing tradition commonly used in the Red Dao Community. And once a year, on the last day, Red Dao people harvest this kind of medicinal leaf for bathing of family members.

Bath medicines of Dao people include many types of herbal plants, up to 120 different types of 23 diverse herbal families, including many herbs that are familiar in daily life and good for health. They all stem from Sapa (Lao Cai province), which is home to the Red Dao people.


Bath remedy of Dao people contains many precious herbs

Fantastic uses from soaking with Dao Dao medicinal leaves

Soaking with Dao Do medicinal leaves is widely known for its great benefits. Bath medicine of Red Dao people are especially good for mothers after childbirth. It also helps women to quickly regain their health, physique and skin by eliminating toxins in the mother’s body. Moreover, those bath herbs play an important role in helping postpartum women relax, balance emotions and reduce irritability, postpartum stress.


Soaking with Dao Do medicinal leaves comes highly recommended for the postpartum women

Bath remedies of the Red Dao people are also a beauty method that many women love. It helps your skin become pink, tight and toned after bathing. The remedy not only increases blood circulation, refreshes the body, reduces stress, brings better sleep but also helps to eliminate the smell of sweat in the body and dispels the unpleasant odor on the skin.

Soaking with the leaves of the Red Dao people is an excellent remedy for patients suffering from musculoskeletal aches. This is also a treatment of osteoarthritis, sciatica, and labor-induced pain.

In general, soaking with Dao Do leaves is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress. Certainly, it will bring you wonderful relaxing moments after a stressful working day. If you want to experience this valuable remedy of the Red Dao people to the fullest, please come to Phuc Hung massage, we are always ready to welcome you.

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