Gaining energizing muscles with proper Thai massage

Thai massage

After a tiring day at work, hours of sitting may ache your shoulder, back and legs, making you yearn for treatment to get rid of that feeling. There is a very simple but extremely effective method that is Thai massage. Thai massage is a therapy treatment service whisch has gained popularity by spas. Let’s get to know more about this interesting therapy treatment.

What is Thai massage and where is it’s origion?


The origin of Thai massage treatments

In Thai language, this treatment is called Nuad. This therapy has a long history, and dates from 2,500 years ago. The origin of Thai massage is believed to come from India, during Buddha’s time. Buddhist doctor, Shivago Komarpaj, is said to have created Thai massage. Upon Buddhism’s arrival in Thailand, massage techniques came along with it. This traditional Thai massage has been used along with other traditional medicines, and it is based on the principle of creating balance of the body, beauty care, health improvement.

What benefits does Thai massage offer?


Thai massage offers lots of unexpected benefits

It can be said that Thai massage offers many uses and benefits. It relieves stress and tension in joints and muscles. It is also great for those who feel stiffness in their body movements, especially while traveling, as you are stretched during the massage. In addition, a study has proved that Thai massage can help you treat back pain related to myofascial trigger points (connective tissue that keeps us together).

If Thai massage is combined with hot stone therapy, it will help balance the body, restore energy, relax the spirit. Or Thai massage combined with essential oils will help you feel a lot less tired, stressful, increase blood circulation, provide oxygen to the body. Not only that, it also helps remove toxins from the inside to help you stay healthy and nourish your skin.

You may not know that there has been a study showing the use of full body massage can be used as an supplimentary method for autistic children in Thailand.

The reason you should try Thai Massage service.


Try and experience Thai massage treatments

A massage is very relaxing and comfortable. However, it’s not like scent therapy when there’s a chance you might fall asleep. You will be able to participate in the massage process for yourself which is extremely interesting. If you are not yet aware of the health values of yoga, Thai massage can be totally convincing. After a Thai massage treatment at Phuc Hung Massage, you can expect to be relaxed and energized, with warm and stretched muscles. It can reduce muscle and joint pain while preventing tightness and inflexibility-related injuries. These physical benefits will transform you into having better focus and can even adjust mentally and attitudes in a more positive, far more relaxed way.


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